10 Popular Boys Christmas Toys

What are some of the most popular boys Christmas toys this holiday season? As in recent years, high tech is in. Droids, drones,  drifting RC cars and new versions of Laser Tag are hugely popular this holiday. The continued integration of smart devices into new toys has  eliminated the need to package controllers while allowing more features to be added. In addition traditionally favorite toys such as LEGOS are just as popular as ever and will always be fun. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

Laser Tag 4 pack1. Laser Tag Multiplayer 4 Pack

Best for: Boys ages 8 – 18

Laser Tag is back and better than ever! With 4 laser guns and targeting sensors players can now battle in teams or alone.  The colorful and sturdy guns come with 4 different blasting modes forcing players to  play strategically in battle. Laser Tag has always been a great toy to get the kids playing actively outside. And they’re so much fun you can’t even blame dad for joining in on the action by accident.

 Star Wars Toys 2. Star Wars Toys

Best For: Boys ages 6 – 16

Star Wars is big this Christmas with the newest film in the series, The Last Jedi hitting theaters. Toys based off the new film especially will be hot items under the tree. Kids recreate their own battles across the galaxy featuring Rey, Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren and of course Darth Vader.


Best for: Boys ages 8 – 14

LEGOS are more popular than ever these days thanks to the success of many different LEGO Movies, video games and pop culture licences that are currently made into sets. No matter what your child is into there is guaranteed to be a LEGO set out there they’ll love. Ninjago , Star Wars, Minecraft, Superheros , and even robotic LEGO sets are just a few of the multitude of LEGO set available. It’s hard to go wrong with LEGOS!

 Nintendo Switch with Splatoon4. Nintendo Switch 

Best For: Boys ages 7 – 18

Like the Wii of old, Nintendo’s new video game console is shaking up the way we play video games. That’s because the Switch is revolutionary in that it’s designed to be played on the TV and as a portable handheld for gaming on the go. With new versions of favorite games like Zelda, Super Mario Brothers, and Mario Kart there will be tons of reasons to take your Switch with you anywhere you go.

Anki Overdrive Fast and Furious Edition 5. Anki Overdrive Fast and Furious Edition

Best For: Boys ages 8 – 17

Now this is really cool! The Anki Overdrive Fast and Furious race car set is like a version of Mario Kart brought to real life. Featuring cars that never drive off a flexible magnetic track, players use their smart devices to not only control each car. As they race around the track at high speeds players can battle each other with weapons and hack attacks. Because each car has different strengths and weaknesses that assures no single race is ever the same.

 6Nerf Elite Gun . Nerf Guns 

Best For: Boys ages 8 – 16

A popular boys Christmas toy for years now, owning your very own Nerf gun is a rite of passage for many growing up. Now more sophisticated than ever before, Nerf guns shoot farther and faster than ever and are still a fun way to engage in active play outdoors or in the house. Safe foam tipped darts ensure accuracy and safety.

7Potensic Remote Control Drone. Potensic Remote Control Drone With Camera

Best For: Boys ages 10 – 18

Drones are one of the most popular boys toys this Christmas and for good reason! The Potensic helicopter drone is remote controlled with precision stabilized controls and a camera that sends video straight to a smartphone. Perfect for aerial tricks or filming movies this is one hi-tech drone every boy would love to have this Christmas.

Magic The Gathering Deckbuilder's Toolkit 8. Magic The Gathering Deckbuilder’s Toolkit

Best for: Boys ages 13 – 19

The original collectible card game, Magic is still as popular as ever and played by millions of players around the world. Played like the Pokemon cards you may be familiar with, but with monsters and magic spells, the deckbuilder’s toolkit comes with everything new players need to start a collection of their own. With those cards they’ll be able to create their own custom decks  and take on friends in fast paced card battles.

Sphero BB-9E Droid Trainer Toy 9. Sphero BB-9E Droid Trainer

Best for: Boys ages 8 – 17

When Sphero’s previous BB-8 toy came out in 2015 it blew minds away.  Kiids had a fully functioning Star Wars droid to control in the palms of their smartphone holding hands. Their new droid  ups the stakes with full rolling movement, smartphone controls and programmable actions specific to the evil black and silver droid from the The Last Jedi. Also available from Sphero is version of R2-D2 for Star Wars traditionalists.

Autoblox Mini R3 Hotrod Toy Car10. Autoblox Mini R3 Hot Rod

Best for: Boys ages 6 – 16

Autoblox are like a stylish and aesthetically pleasing mix of Hot Wheels combined with LEGOS. Each Autoblox car is made of a 100% beech wood body and comes with 12 interchangeable parts that allow boys to build the car of their dreams for play or display. Built to last, each Autoblox car has pieces designed to work with other cars in the set for limitless designs.