10 Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers And Snobs 2018

best gifts for coffee lovers and snobs 2018

For many, the morning doesn’t officially start until that first sip of glorious flavorful coffee. But with so many varieties of coffee and coffee accessories on the market these days it’s hard to find the perfect for the coffee lover and snob on your gift list. Fear not as we’ve looked high and low to find the most delicious gifts that any coffee lover and caffeine addict will love and enjoy. From some truly unique coffee beans to home decorations and to some special ways to brew their favorite brew you’ll find the best gifts for coffee lovers and snobs right here! Everyone, good to the last drop.

Bean Box World Coffee Tour Gourmet Sampler1. Bean Box World Coffee Tour Gourmet Sampler

Best for: Wannabe globetrotters

Travel the world without ever leaving your kitchen! Experience gourmet flavors from South America, Africa, Hawaii, Asia, and of course Seattle’s top roasters thanks to the sample box of sixteen guaranteed fresh coffee bean bags. An instant coffee collection they’ll love and enjoy for months to come!

Whisky Barrel Coffee 2. Whisky Barrel Coffee 

Best for: Whisky lovers of course!

For an extra kick in the morning, they’ll love the smooth bourbon flavor of Whisky Barrel Coffee. Made with small batched barrel aged coffee for a delicious whisky flavor they’ll love, this is gourmet coffee at it’s best. Unique flavors and blends you can’t find anywhere else is what artisan coffee is all about!

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder3. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

Best for: Do it yourselfers

Get that fine grind with this hand cranked coffee bean grinder. Easily get the right constancy with eighteen selectable settings for drip, french presses, espresso, cold brew and more! No batteries or cords means this is also great for travelers or campers when a Starbucks isn’t an option. A hand held coffee grinder is one of the best gifts for coffee lovers and snobs that no kitchen should be without!

Death Wish Coffee 4. Death Wish Coffee

Best for: Night owls

The word’s most strongest coffee! Made with DOUBLE the caffeine of regular coffee, Death Wish coffee is a must have for the office, friends who work graveyards or college students pulling an all nigher.  Organic, kosher and a fair trade coffee this is one strong brew they’ll die for.


Nespresso D75-US-SI-NE Prodigio With Milk Espresso Maker, Silver5. Nespresso Prodigio With Milk BLUETOOTH Espresso Maker

Best for: Early Birds

Now why hasn’t anybody thought of this before? This top of the line espresso maker by Nespresso connects to  digital devices so it’s finally possible to brew the perfect espresso in the morning from bed! A great gift for those with frantic lifestyles!

self stirring coffee mug 6. Self Stirring Coffee Mug 

Best for: Multitaskers

Stirring in your cream and sugar is soooo 2017. Give them that perfect cup of coffee every time  with this incredible self stirring coffee mug! Quickly and easily mix any drink with the push of a button. No more spills. Perfect for this in a rush!

Vietnamese Coffee Maker 7. Vietnamese Coffee Maker

Best for: Adventurous coffee lovers

You haven’t really had a serious cup of coffee until you’ve had a fresh slow brewed cup of Vietnamese coffee. Super strong and with a rich flavor and aroma all it’s own, Vietnamese styled coffee is a real treat they’ll love to drink. Make sure to include a can of authentic Trung Nguyen coffee for them to enjoy. And for an authentic Vietnamese coffee experience add some yogurt and fruit!

Hazelnut Coffee Soy Candle8. Hazelnut Coffee Soy Candle

Best for: That coffee shop atmosphere

Who wouldn’t love this? Fill their home with that fresh coffee smell they love with this candle made of the rich scented blend of hazelnuts and coffee beans. A great addition to any coffee bar or living room

Bodum Travel French Press Coffee9. Bodum Travel French Press Coffee

Best for: Those on the go

We had to include at least one french press on our list so we went with a practical choice. A french press that’s perfect for beating rush hour and can be enjoyed at work. This sleek stainless steel thermos keeps their hot coffee hot and cold brews cold anywhere they go. Just add hot water, grounds and press! Great for tea drinkers too!

Coffee Wall Art 10. Coffee Wall Art

Best for: Home decorators

Turn their home coffee bar into their very own Starbucks with great coffee art! This large 14′ metal coffee cup looks great behind any coffee maker or in the kitchen. Or add some color with abstract coffee prints and authenticity with decorative chalkboards!

10 Great Gifts For Hikers 2018


If there is one thing hikers all have in common, it’s a love of nature and the great outdoors. Nothing beats getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life on the weekends than with an escape into nature and the endless trails that await. But if there’s one thing all hikers need more of, it’s lightweight gear to extend their endurance or increase their self reliance. Below is our list of 10 great gifts for hikers that anybody would be excited to add to their pack. From water filtration systems, to clothing to fix it all repair gear, there is something here for hikers of all ages and skill levels.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter1. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Best For: Personal survival gear

The award winning LifeStraw is an essential piece of life saving hiking gear no one should go without. Safely filter out 99.9999% of waterborne bacteri straight from the source as easily as drinking water through a straw. Rugged lightweight design is easy to carry with no batteries or moving parts. A great gift for hikers of all skill levels.

Freehawk Tactical Outdoor Survival Paracord Bracelet2. Freehawk Tactical Outdoor Survival Paracord Bracelet

Best For: Boy scouts

Six survival tools in one!  Combined in the convenience and stylish looks of a paracord bracelet. Never forget a whistle, thermometer, flint rod, scrapper, paracord and buckle when this around your hiker’s wrist.

Terra Hiker Hammock3. Terra Hiker Hammock

Best For: Sleeping bag alternative

Relax and enjoy nature with this lightweight, durable and comfortable hiking hammock. Sets up easily in minutes and strong enough to support 550 lbs. Perfect for hiking, backpacking or even a back porch if need be!

Katadyn Hiker Pro Microfilter4. Katadyn Hiker Pro Microfilter

Best For: Staying hydrated at camp

Never run out of drinkable water again with the Katadyn Pro Micrcofilter. This simple hand pump operated device is perfect for refilling large water bottles and bladders on the go. Lightweight and easy to carry the micro filter removes bacteria, chemicals, algae and more to make any water source safe to drink.

 Nike Men's Legend Long Sleeve Tee5. Nike Men’s Legend Long Sleeve Tee

Best For: Active hikers

Made of Nike’s lightweight Dri-Fit fabric, this athletic shirt wicks away sweat to keep hikers dry and cool on the trail. Long sleeves provide comfort in cool weather and flat seems reduce chaffing and irritation from heavy backs. A great shirt to wear by itself or under any jacket or parka.

HikeGoo Blister protection  6. HikeGoo Blister Prevention Cream

Best For: New hikers

Nothing ruins the tranquility of a great hike than painful foot blisters. Make them go away forever with an application of HikeGoo between your foot and sock to keep going and going. Works in wet and dry conditions a single application lasts all day and is essential for breaking in new boots or long trails.

Soluser Portable Solar Charger 7. Soluser Portable Solar Charger External Backup Battery Pack

Best For: Phone Addicts

Now this makes sense! Never run out of juice again with this rugged and water resistant solar powered battery. Two USB ports allow for dual charging of devices like phones, tablets, and other electronic devices while it’s built in LED flashlight illuminates the darkness. A must have for family camp outs.

Tenacious Tape8. Tenacious Tape

Best For: Anything and everything

When out on the trail expect accidents to happen. Gear will rip and tear, tie downs get loose, things break. That’s hiking. But with Gear Aid’s clear repair tape, a solution is never far from hand. Super strong and as it sticks to nearly anything Tenacious Tape is perfect for sealing leaks, repairing tears and a hundred other uses they haven’t even though of yet. A must have for any hiker!

Black Diamond Raven Ice Axe9. Black Diamond Raven Ice Axe

Best For: Serious hikers

If there is one gift on this list every serious hiker would love to have but probably doesn’t own, this is it. With a shaft made of aircraft grade aluminium and a one cast stainless steel head, this ultra high quality ice axe is an essential tool for scaling snowy mountains to help secure footing and balance and is one great hiking gift they’ll love to use!

SPOT 3 Satellite GPS Messenger10. SPOT 3 Satellite GPS Messenger

Best For: Those who go off trail

Protect your friends and loved ones when they go outdoors with the Spot 3 Satellite GPS Tracker. The newest version of Spot’s personal tracker has a longer battery life and motion activated satellite connection that can identify a location even outside of cell phone service. Piece of mind wherever they go so you’ll know they’ll come back safe and sound.

10 Most Offensive Adult Party Games

offensive adult games header

Never attend another boring house party again with our list of the 10 most offensive adult party games around. Long gone are the days of gathering together for friendly games of Trivial Pursuit or charades . Right now the hottest craze among friends are easy to play, but utterly distasteful card based adult party games. Inspired by the cultural phenomenon that is Cards Against Humanity it wasn’t long before numerous spin offs hi the market each offering a unique spin of the off brand of adult humor these games are centered around. Definitely NOT for the squeamish and morally offended it’s hard to deny these games won’t fail to shock and appall, which is all part of their fun and appeal.

Cards Against Humanity 1. Cards Against Humanity

The original game to kick off the adult party game craze and still one of the best, Cards Against Humanity’s notoriety is well deserved. Engage your friends in a battle of twisted wits as you argue the finer points of Hot Pockets, estrogen and the Kool-Aid Man among countless  others. If your friends aren’t offended you haven’t played long enough!

2Pick Your Poison NSFW. Pick Your Poison NSFW Edition the Would You Rather 

Pick Your Poison is deceptively simple party fun. Basically a version of “would you rather” where you draw combine cards to back your friends into the most horrible and disgusting situations imaginable. After all, you can tell a lot about a person by learning if they’d rather live without music or clog the toilet every time you use it. What would you choose?

3What Do You Meme?. What Do You Meme?

Put your meme making skills to the test with What Do You Meme? The adult party game that combine ridiculous photos with outrageous comments to create the most outrageous and offensive memes possible.


Disturbed Friends  4. Disturbed Friends

You know you’ve reached the dark depths of the adult party game barrel with Disturbed Friends, the self described worst game ever made. Draw a card with three horrible scenarios while your friends vote on your most likely answer. With Disturbed Friends there are no right answers, only embarrassing fails.


Joking Hazard  5. Joking Hazard

One of the more creative party games around, Joking Hazard is all about creating awful cartoons, no drawing required. Players draw decks of cards full of cartoonish pictures then arrange them to create the most hilarious three panel comic strips possible. Fast to play. Easy to learn. Always awful!

6WTF Did You Say?. WTF Did You Say?!?

Are you easily offended? Politically correct? Religious? A social justice warrior? Then by all means stay away from WTF Did You Say?!? Structured to play a lot like Cards Against Humanity but even more obscene (if that’s possible), this is an adult party game only for people lacking in moral fiber.


F**k the game 7. F**k The Game

Seriously. F**k this game. In it players rapidly flip cards over and follow the simple commands on each by shouting out a color, word, or swear word. But if a player f**ks up they have to collect the overturned pile. First player to get rid of all their cards, wins! Just be careful and don’t f**k up!


8Drawing without dignity . Drawing Without Dignity

Unleash your inner Vincent Van Gogh on unsuspecting friends with Drawing Without Dignity. It’s Pictionary, but with 80% more body parts and fecal matter. Do we really need to say more or do we need to draw you a picture?


Quick and Dirty 9. Quick and Dirty

Rules so simple even a drunk can understand! Each player takes turns flipping a card with a question and then another card with random letters. The first person to answer the question with a word beginning with the correct letter wins the round and scores a point. Can you name something you do in Las Vegas starting with the letter C? Go! Optional drinking rules included!

Go Fish Yourself 10. Go Fish Yourself

The age old classic returns but with a salty sea dog twist! Just as you would assume, players aim to collect and give pairs of cards to others but with heinous rules that must be followed or else they lose the game. It’s Go Fish, but for adults!

10 Great Gifts for Scrapbookers

scrapbooking gifts

Scrapbooking is an engaging hobby for combining personal mementos with creative art and expression.  The memories preserved in a scrapbook are able to last forever and can be and shared passed on through the generations. Scrapbooking is also a hobby in which one can never have too many supplies and materials. Fine papers, dies to cut patterns with and stencils are main materials an expert scrapbooker can find hundreds of uses for limited only by their imagination. As we love creating memories ourselves, here are our ideas for 10 great gifts for scrapbookers we know they’ll love.

EK Success Large Flower Paper Punch 1. EK Success Tools Large Diamond Flower Edge Punch  

Edge punches make great gifts for scrapbookers as they allow regular pieces of paper to transform into ornate works of art with a single press.

embossing pattern corner punches 2. 6 Pack Of Embossing Pattern Punches

Like the edge punch above, this variety pack of embossing pattern punches can be used to provide extra flair to sheets of paper for that extra handmade touch!

double sided colored card stock3. Double Sided Textured Colored Cardstock

What makes this paper great apart from it’s textured feel is the dual colors on each side that allows for some eye catching patters when folded creatively.

mambikit scrapbooking family kit 4. mambi They’ll Always be My Family Scrapbooking kit

Kits like these make great gifts for scrapbookers because they come with an assortment of stencils, 3D stickers, tags and papers ready made and themed for creating memories.

Colored Gel Pens 5. 120 Colored Gel Pens

A loaded quiver of pens is essential for any scrapbooker for writing notes and drawings. And gel pens are the best as they won’t bleed through paper.

Vintage Wooden Block Alphabet Stamps 6. Vintage Wood Block Alphabet Stamps 70 Count

An essential tool for any serious scrapbooker is a large collection of stamps. What makes these stamps great is besides bringing that vintage look they come in a classic wooden case which makes them the perfect item to bring along on scrapbooking parties.

Lsushine Craft Ink Pads 7. Lsushine Craft Ink Pads

Stamps are a great way to decorate scrapbooks but are useless without high quality ink to use them with. An assortment of colors means they’ll always have the right color on hand and never run out of ink.

LuxCraft Rolling Tote Bag8. LuxCraft Rolling Tote Bag

Having large amounts of scrapbook is storage not only for cleanup but for visits to friends or workshops. This lightweight rolling tote bag is easy to transport but provides plenty of space for scrapbooking materials.

spellbinders die cute cascading die  9. Spellbinders Die-Cut Cascading Grace Die

A die is used to impress a pattern upon a piece of paper and is perfect for adding a splash of class and craftsmanship to any scrapbook or card easily.

decorative tape 10. Washi Decorative Colored Tape Set

Add beauty to any page with 23 rolls of colored tape. Having an adhesive rainbow in your bag of tricks is a must for setting photos and securing mementos.