10 Ugliest Christmas Sweaters

These days, the holidays wouldn’t be complete without  an array of garish and ugly Christmas sweaters to assault the senses. Garishly colorful Christmas sweaters used to belong in the mothball filled closets of Aunt Edna and Uncle Leopold but these days the woolen works of art have caught on to become as much a symbol of Christmas as eggnog and caroling. Ugly sweater parties have become increasingly popular as attendees routinely go out of their way to purchase and proudly wear the ugliest Christmas sweaters they can find. To aid you in your search here  are 10 of the best/worst offenders we could find.

Beer pong ugly Christmas sweater 1.  Beer Pong Christmas Sweater

Don’t just attend a party. BE THE PARTY with this unique and ugly beer pong Christmas sweater. Comes with 6 ping pong balls and 6 removable beer pong cups for easy washing.

Black rooster ugly Christmas sweater  2. Black Rooster Ugly Christmas Sweater

Nothing says Christmas more than a giant festive rooster front and center for all to see. What it says about the person wearing it of course is open to interpretation.



women's Christmas stocking ugly Christmas sweater  3. Christmas Stocking Women’s Sweater

Choose to be naughty or nice with this festive ugly Christmas sweater complete with a working stocking pouch on the front to fill with presents for all the girls and boys. Lumps of coal optional.



Stuffed reindeer ugly 3D Christmas sweater 4. Plush 3D Reindeer Moose ugly Christmas Sweater

Take your ugly sweater to the next level with this absolutely unique Christmas sweater that features a a stuffed animal reindeer that attaches with Velcro to the front and back!

Light up Santa ugly Christmas sweater 5. Light Up Santa Relief Ugly Sweater

Take your ugly sweater game to the next level with this light up Christmas sweater. Yes you read that correctly, the lights on the rooftop and in Santa’s “relief” actually light up in the dark!




tacky Christmas tree ugly Christmas sweater 6. Tacky Christmas Tree With Suspenders

You’ll be the life of every party with this tastefully tacky sweater complete with suspenders and  adorned with ball bells and ornaments.



Donald trump ugly Christmas sweater 7. Make Christmas Great Again Donald Trump Christmas Sweater

Believe me, you’ll make this the yugest Christmas ever when you wear the most presidential sweater ever. It’s just incredible. MCGA!



Fruitcake ugly Christmas sweater  8. Fruitcake Ugly Christmas Sweater

Simple, classy and t the point, this sweater let’s everybody know who the biggest fruitcake in the house is.




women's wrapping paper Christmas sweater  9. Women’s Wrapping Paper Christmas Sweater

Become the present with this wrapping paper themed Christmas sweater complete with a garish gold boy and a handy gift tag in the top corner!



Jesus ugly Christmas sweater10.Birthday Boy Jesus Ugly Christmas Sweater 

Perfect for Christmas AND for birthday parties, make a statement in this stylish, festive, and celebratory Christmas sweater. Make a wish!