10 Most Offensive Adult Party Games

Never attend another boring house party again with our list of the 10 most offensive adult party games around. Long gone are the days of gathering together for friendly games of Trivial Pursuit or charades . Right now the hottest craze among friends are easy to play, but utterly distasteful card based adult party games. Inspired by the cultural phenomenon that is Cards Against Humanity it wasn’t long before numerous spin offs hi the market each offering a unique spin of the off brand of adult humor these games are centered around. Definitely NOT for the squeamish and morally offended it’s hard to deny these games won’t fail to shock and appall, which is all part of their fun and appeal.

Cards Against Humanity 1. Cards Against Humanity

The original game to kick off the adult party game craze and still one of the best, Cards Against Humanity’s notoriety is well deserved. Engage your friends in a battle of twisted wits as you argue the finer points of Hot Pockets, estrogen and the Kool-Aid Man among countless  others. If your friends aren’t offended you haven’t played long enough!

2Pick Your Poison NSFW. Pick Your Poison NSFW Edition the Would You Rather 

Pick Your Poison is deceptively simple party fun. Basically a version of “would you rather” where you draw combine cards to back your friends into the most horrible and disgusting situations imaginable. After all, you can tell a lot about a person by learning if they’d rather live without music or clog the toilet every time you use it. What would you choose?

3What Do You Meme?. What Do You Meme?

Put your meme making skills to the test with What Do You Meme? The adult party game that combine ridiculous photos with outrageous comments to create the most outrageous and offensive memes possible.


Disturbed Friends  4. Disturbed Friends

You know you’ve reached the dark depths of the adult party game barrel with Disturbed Friends, the self described worst game ever made. Draw a card with three horrible scenarios while your friends vote on your most likely answer. With Disturbed Friends there are no right answers, only embarrassing fails.


Joking Hazard  5. Joking Hazard

One of the more creative party games around, Joking Hazard is all about creating awful cartoons, no drawing required. Players draw decks of cards full of cartoonish pictures then arrange them to create the most hilarious three panel comic strips possible. Fast to play. Easy to learn. Always awful!

6WTF Did You Say?. WTF Did You Say?!?

Are you easily offended? Politically correct? Religious? A social justice warrior? Then by all means stay away from WTF Did You Say?!? Structured to play a lot like Cards Against Humanity but even more obscene (if that’s possible), this is an adult party game only for people lacking in moral fiber.


F**k the game 7. F**k The Game

Seriously. F**k this game. In it players rapidly flip cards over and follow the simple commands on each by shouting out a color, word, or swear word. But if a player f**ks up they have to collect the overturned pile. First player to get rid of all their cards, wins! Just be careful and don’t f**k up!


8Drawing without dignity . Drawing Without Dignity

Unleash your inner Vincent Van Gogh on unsuspecting friends with Drawing Without Dignity. It’s Pictionary, but with 80% more body parts and fecal matter. Do we really need to say more or do we need to draw you a picture?


Quick and Dirty 9. Quick and Dirty

Rules so simple even a drunk can understand! Each player takes turns flipping a card with a question and then another card with random letters. The first person to answer the question with a word beginning with the correct letter wins the round and scores a point. Can you name something you do in Las Vegas starting with the letter C? Go! Optional drinking rules included!

Go Fish Yourself 10. Go Fish Yourself

The age old classic returns but with a salty sea dog twist! Just as you would assume, players aim to collect and give pairs of cards to others but with heinous rules that must be followed or else they lose the game. It’s Go Fish, but for adults!