10 Great Gifts For Teenage Girls

It sure can be daunting to find great gifts for teenage girls these days. Trends go out of style as fast as they came in and what’s hot today is tomorrow’s embarrassment. But luckily there are some constants among the fickle teenage crowd. A girl’s cell phone will always be her link to friends and social media so anything cell phone related is always a safe bet to gift. Other safe bets are anything beauty related or super cute fashion accessories that work with any style. Below we’ve complied our list of some of the hottest and desirable gifts we could find that any young woman would die to have. These great gifts for teenage girls are on fire.

Bluetooth fleece beanie 1. Tenergy Wireless Bluetooth Fleece Beanie Hat with Detachable Stereo Speakers

Best for: Active girls on the go

Look and sound great on the go with this super cute fleece beanie. Able to connect and play music from any phone via bluetooth this beanie is perfect for study sessions, the gym or hiking. With it’s built in microphone it even allows for hands free calling which is just another useful perk!

DIY lip balm kit 2. DIY Molten Lip Balm Kit

Best for:  Future entrepreneurs and science lovers

The only thing better than having fun with makeup is making your own! With this do it yourself lip balm kit your teen can practice making their very own makeup line however they wish. Come with real shea butter and almond oil bases along with peppermint, pina colada, black cherry and strawberry-kiwi flavors to create with. Perfect for parties and sharing with friends!

bedside touch lamp 3. Elecstars Bedside Touch Lamp And Bluetooth Speaker

Best for: Teens who self barricade in their rooms.

Add some light and sound to their room with this futuristic looking bedside lamp by Elecstars. Simply touch to turn on and off or change from white light to one of six glowing colors. Comes with a bluetooth speaker as the light also plays music from any smartphone. A great decorationfor any room and practical too!

lightweight scarf 4. Cindy and Wendy Lightweight Soft Scarf

Best for:  Chic and hip

Scarfs are totally in fashion these days. Quickly add a dash of color and style to any outfit or ensemble with this lightweight leafy lace scarf. It’s lightweight and airy fabric makes it an ideal accessory for warmer weather or to keep the chill out on cooler days.


portable cell phone charger 5. Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger

Best for: Phone addicts

There is nothing more tragic than running out of juice in the middle of consoling your bestie over her breakup with her bf. With the Anker Powercore however that is yesterday’s problem. Small and lightweight this portable battery provides hours of juice to keep her phone running 24/7. Works for iphone and Galaxies too!

Selfie Light Ring 6. Rechargeable Selfie Light Ring

Best for: #selfieholics

The next big cell phone accessory is the selfie light. Clip this halo of soft white LED lights onto any cell phone and instantly take studio quality photos with perfect lighting every time. But the best feature is it’s charging cord so batteries will never be a problem. OMG let me take a selfie!

Phone cord bracelet 7. Wearable Phone Charging Cord Bracelet

Best for: Misplaced phone cords

Never lose a phone cord again with this brilliant two in one design! Part phone charger, part fashionable bracelet! Simply unclip the bracelet at any time to plug your phone into a wall charger or computer to easily charge or transfer data. Works for iphones and androids!

Polaroid Snap Touch Camera 8. Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Print Digital Camera

Best for: Amateur photography majors

Polaroid’s increasingly popular line of Snap cameras gets a high tech upgrade with the Touch. Featuring an easy to use touch screen controls and viewfinder on the back it’s never been easier to shake it like a Polaroid picture! This handy little camera is perfect for capturing and sharing life’s fun moments in a snap!

Vegan Bath Bombs 9. Vegan Bath Bomb Gift Set

Best for: Eco-friendly and environmentally aware

High quality, environmentally safe and made in the USA, this set of six luxurious bath bombs are perfect for a long soak. Featuring non toxic ingredients each set comes with peppermint, lavender, vanilla, grapefruit, orange, and eucalyptus scents. A perfectly relaxing treat for the body and senses!

Q&A Teen Journal 10. Q & A A Day for Me: A 3-Year Journal for Teens

Best for: Avid writers and readers

What do you like best about yourself? What song makes you feel good? Worst haircut ever? These are some of the unique one sentence prompts of self discovery in the Q&A journal geared for maturing teens. As they complete the journal not only are they learning more about themselves but also creating a personal memento and keepsake they’ll be able to cherish and look back on for years.