10 Best Baby Shower Gifts

Baby showers are special occasions for parents and guests alike. The celebration and expectation of welcoming a special one into the world is a special moment full of memories to be treasured. However on a more practical level baby showers are essential for expecting moms to be fully prepared for everything a newborn baby needs. It’s always nice to gift from a mother’s registry list but if you’d like to give her something unique and unexpected we have compiled a list of 10 of the best baby shower gifts that guests will love and moms and newborns will be sure to adore.

WubbaNub Infant Pacifier 1. WubbaNub Infant Pacifier

The BEST pacifier on the market, WubbaNub’s are loved by millions of babies.  Used in hospitals, and NICUs worldwide, the patented Soothie latex free pacifier’s one piece construction is easy to clean and relaxing for newborns to suckle. Babies love the plushie animal friend to play with and help them to sleep. WubbaNub’s come in a variety of friends as well such as penguins , puppies and elephants!

Baby Closet Dividers Fox & Friends2. Baby Closet Dividers Fox & Friends

All of baby’s new baby shower clothes have to go somewhere and until they grow into them, that usually means they get hung in the closet. Help mom and dad easily sort each new outfit by size with these adorable closet dividers featuring fox and his cute forest friends. Great for nurseries and boys and girls both!

FREDI Baby Monitor Wireless WIFI Nanny Cam3. FREDI Baby Monitor Wireless WIFI Nanny Cam

Piece of mind is priceless. Help mom and dad sleep easy with this wifi and fully remote nanny cam. Connect to any smartphone to control and monitor the camera from any wifi spot. Comes with night-vision and even audio so they can hear baby and baby can hear you!

Earth Mama Angel Baby Butter Natural Nipple4. Earth Mama Angel Baby Butter Natural Nipple

Naturally, most baby shower gifts are for the baby but expecting mothers need love too! Give mom the gift she doesn’t know she’ll need with this all natural nipple butter. Prevent painful rashes and cracks in all the sensitive places with this non-GMO cream. One of the best baby shower gifts for moms! They’ll thank you!

5Corner Protectors . Corner Protectors

Sooner or later baby will be crawling and walking so protect them from accidents with this 20 pack of sharp corner protectors. With superior cushion and easy stick install these clear protectors disappear into furniture while keeping young ones safe as they explore. Used in millions of homes to create a hazard free environment.

Boba Wrap6. Boba Wrap

Easily wrap your precious little one next to momma with the Boba Wrap. Easily tie baby securely and tightly with a variety of styles using this cotton wrap. Machine washable for easy clean up. Perfect for hands free time out with friends, walking, or work around the house.



Goodnight Little Me Personalized Storybook 7. Goodnight Little Me Personalized Storybook

Give the gift as unique as your special little one with a personalized nighttime story! Featuring a personal story with their own name to help them drift off to sleep, this unique gift will become a cherished and special keepsake for years to come.

8DockATot Portable Crib And Bassinet . DockATot Portable Crib And Bassinet

The DockATot provides portable, soothing, safe and snug environment for infants and parents alike. Perfect for co-sleeping, tummy time, visiting family or going on long trips. Hypoallergenic and with a 100% cotton removable cover the DockATot is like a portable womb for baby. A gift that will be enjoyed every day.


Justice League 5 Pack Superhero Onesies9. Justice League 5 Pack Superhero Onesies

The littlest superhero has arrived! These mighty onesies feature soft easy to wash cotton fabric and simple 3 button clasps. Comes with outfits for the Justice League, Superman, Batman, the Flash and Green Lantern. Perfect for Halloween or fun photos!

Baby Door Silencer 10. Don’t Wake The Baby Door Silencer

Now this is genius! We all know babies have superhuman hearing and a simple turn of a doorknob is often enough to wake an otherwise peaceful slumber. Eliminate the is it worth it to check in guessing game with these super effective door silencers.  Simply slide over any door for whisper quiet entry into any room to keep baby sound asleep and mommy and daddy happy.